My original goal was to save the wiki. But then I made a mistake and now I am trapped. Stuck as either taking control of 0spore13 or shadow form. I like being solid, but I can't stay like that for long because if I do, I am most likely to get destroyed.

Tal and I are both ghosts, on different sides of the spectrum. He's a actual ghost. I'm a shadow creature.
This I don't like, sure, it might be cool, but in truth it's torture.

A comment by me

So, zedspore, you've finally got free of my army. We will find a way to get you back. Even if we use up the amulet trying. You won't know who to trust.

When we get our hands on you, you will pay. We will be sure of that. Good luck.

Oh yeah, Xx, we aren't destroying the wiki. Just improving it, tweaking it, using it for our purpose. And when we are done with it, disposing of it. Poof.

I have a secret army, bigger than the entire skydoesminecraft wiki, some are just staying in the shadows though. Not wanting to have their covers blown by some. First we got Tal, now it's time for the entire wiki. Simple as that.

Farewell, and see you on the battlefield. And we will win.


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