Before you delete this, read it. It has a important non-admin point of view. Read and learn about what's going on around the wiki.

Admins. Just look at your own wiki. Just look at it. Just struggling to stay together. Almost all of the active contributors are admins. Do you understand how problematic that can be?

This wiki is constantly in war, even a peacetime. Currently two users are in an argument. One didn't even do anything wrong.

You have one admin that is struggling to cope with what they did on the old wiki, and what they did back in August. Because they did something unspeakable. And they've regretted it ever since.

There are tons of spelling mistakes because one admin cannot spell.

One admin is planning the downfall of the wiki with a team of vandals, hackers and trolls only known as Vandal uprising.

This is what's going on in your wiki. Hope you read it. Because it could save. Or ruin your wiki.

For Good.

Do You Really Want That To Happen?

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