• Nedly
    • Nedly is playing MW3 on the map SKYDOESMINECRAFT WIKI!*

    Gamemode: Free For All

    Class name: Logic Class

    Players: MANY

    Hackers: 4 (All Fake)

    Trolls: 4

    Time Left: Unlimited

    Killstreaks: NONE

    • Nedly Rage Quits*
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  • Nedly

    P Minecraft may be dead.

    November 10, 2013 by Nedly

    A "Tsunmani" hit where he lived.

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  • Nedly


    October 30, 2013 by Nedly

    Please, I need to let evryone know that we should make a point system if a person gets 10 points They are banned for a day, every point after that is +3 Days. Here are my standards/

    1-4 points, WARNING.

    5-9 points, Messaged by Admin to stop and remove all edits/pages/blogs that do so start a war.

    10 or over is banning. The Banners can say when a perma ban is need after that.

    The admins need to REMOVE any negitive content.

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