Did anyone else NOTICED that hedge is tal charles ? xD

hedge calls himself a girl.... and when people found out hedge is tal charles using a diff IP (prob how admin cant see the accouts that ip have) that would be.... erm.... gay.... so gay...

if i am not mistaken that hedge is tal. hedge, just dont. -_- just ... just dont reply. just live with the guilt. IF I AM NOT MISTAKEN.... Hedge aka TAL. is


2. wants to be known prob in real life he's just some kid or spoiled young adult who wants to be known sooo badly he did soo many idiotic shit.

oh out of time gtg.

i'll be back in quite a long time later... prob few weeks... 1 week ?

good luck zeodex. hf.

as for u hedge i got my eye on u O.O >. o <.O ...... O.O i watch u while u sleep .... funny if i could actually hack (not possible) ur laptop / computer and watch u do ur private things through the web cam..... it will be GREEN.

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