Just created a account,  now u know who ur talking to charles. fair enough ?

well this is what i want to do right now. *stretch*

since i cannot read the recent messages u and that wikicontributer 110, i am doing it on a new page.

i just went out for 10 hours so i'm really tired and i'm trying not to get pisssed off really badly.

Okkkk time to go talk with u wiki contributer 110. u say ospore is a bloody disgrace. well ur just some little kid who thinks ur SOOOOO good that  ur better than ospore. I do not know u but if u are with those little bastards sky army team well then GOD HAVE MERCY ON UR SOUL u would make EVERYBODY in the sky army SOOOOO Stupid and weak. I'm telling the truth not a joke . If u did watch AC , there's a bird (i think it's a hawk) A hawk team was created to counter u reds. (The hawk has a meaning)

Wiki contributer 110. what i'm saying is that ur such a noob whoever u are , i dont care who u are and what u do (i think u just eat sleep , breathe and play) so u do not have the rights to say ospore is a disgrace.

this are the rankings in sky team, if ur in it and at that rank read that status.

(lowest to strongest) : Sky army           

1: Recruit >> Potential

2: 1st rank in sky a, >> babies

3:2nd rank >>> congradulations u achieved a achievement : u are no longer a baby , u are a cry baby.

4: 3rd rank >>> disgrace.

5>> lieutantnt >> NOOOOOOOBBBBB

6>>commander>>> ok ;_:

7>>> general >> average...

8>> superior >> pros

9>> elites >> advanced

10>> gold >> experts.

Wiki contributer 110...... i think ur just the 3. Areee uuu crying ? hmmmm wana go to ur mama o.o and say someone bullied u ? (i do not want to bully players , i only troll) sooo may u not cry have a great maybe day. if u DID cry.... u must be a 6 years old. (clap clap clap) OK GREAT took some time to work on u 110.... ur so boring.... going to charles now (ohh yesh mind is racing)

OKKKKKK T.J CHARLES or should i say mr dead kid.

Awww many players made fun of u and mentioned that tal charles is dead HAAAAA lollllllllllll noooooobbb !!!

well well. may the games begin ^-^ *1st round * beep beep *

Okkkkk mr t.j charles. this will be a very long time of babbling , may u not cry in ambarassment.

This is between ospore and u. U said ur the 'LIEUTANTNT (erm erm , *chokes* cause that word is too weaK)

and then u said ospore is  blah bla blah

well, here's a big fact : lieutantnts are easy.

i met a rebel once, he was defeated by 3 high ranking members prob higher than lieutantnts.

to crusaders we'v been beating way too many liteus and red army bastards.





over time.  lieus and other ranking members left slowly after rebels failed reds are to be blamed. And after THAT many players (124 players i have defeated >> they left the server for good ) so what i am saying is that UUU t.j charles U ARE SOOO WEAK u never even beaten a rebel (the rebels are not the squids) u never even made a vandal really leave the server. so u should have some bloody respect. Ur only just some noob , if u leave this server no one wil remember u or me. if u really are a lieutantnt a good one. u should know who ur low and high ranking members are.

here's a question in leadership, i did this to crymwayne he pased the test (sorry , spelled wrongly)

this test will be different.

If u really are a lieutantnt,

Q1 : what did u even do during the rebel times when there was a uprising , and what did u do after the rebels no longer exist and then when the silent crusade steps in after 4 years of waiting what did u really do ?

Q2 :  As a higher ranking members to others

what are the vaules u have referring to the weak ?

Q3 : After the lost of rebels and the undefeated was defeated by the hawks and greif team How do u feel ?

Q4 :  What is ur reaction when is gone and when the new sky server is abandoned (that's what i think)

Q5: why is Ospore  so bad ? but when i did a little character test to u ospore and contributer wiki 110 U tj. charles and contributer wiki 110 should have some respect to ospore cause in terms of skills u both suck like droppings. so no one needs u both. I'm stating a fact not that i truce with ospore or anything like that,

little fact : ospore is better than contributer 110 and t.j charles in skillz.

fact 2 : the lieus in sky army didn't do anything.

fact 3 : the one doing the most damage are the recruits not the higher rankers.

fact 4 : no one cares about lieus / generals anymore  server is destroyed we both lost (we won but also lost cause we failed the primary objectivive but serve the reds (runners >> sky army) right cause they were the one who wanted a war , so we gave them one and they felt pain)

fact 5 : If t.j charles really is tal charles then t.j is just a nobody cause if tal charles died (that's what they say) then t.j is supposed to be dead. so curse u t.j may u die a terrible death.

joke : t.j charles is a lieutantnt cause he cried that he was just a recruit

LOL Hedgehog12 (talk) 23:26, January 31, 2014 (UTC)

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