BO2 Maxis & Richofan fought to gain control.

Maxis would be Charles

Richofan would be some random player.

If Charles takes over this wiki, wiki will not be successful. (I have experience. Not that i'm some overlord like what he say or a warlord, i'm just an ordinary player which means if i can do it , everyone can.)

If a responsible admin takes over this wiki, there is a chance but at this time the number of players is at a standstill so it will be at a 3/4 lv (higher is harder) for the  admin.

When I go troll players in skydoesminecraft new servers , they would be scattered like seeds and the seeds go to somewhere nice in a nice field with plently of water & sunlight while 1 seed dropped into a pile of dunk. that dunk is this wiki.

(Me: flower dispersed seeds) (seeds: raging players from server)

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