A message from a Wiki Helper MilitaryGeneralXX (talk) 01:36, December 7, 2013 (UTC)MilitaryGeneralXX

This place is going to rubble pretty soon. Our only chance, TalChrles, is dead, and 0spore13, was posessed by the vandals. We have no hope of surviving, we have already called Wikia Staff. There's nothing we can do, we have lost our administrator powers because of corrupt people, and the founder Anthony has lost his state of founder too. We have to try, if we fail, well then we have to abandon yet another good Wikia, to the vandals. Wikia Staff, if you are reading this, our only hope of surviving, is to give the power to those of the right. It is our only hope.

-MilitaryGeneralXX, Farm Knight.

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