As some of you know, I'm a full grown woman. A wife and a mother.

Many are the times while I'm in the kitchen preparing meals where any combination of my four children still at home, my rotating number of foster children, and my sister's three want to be in the kitchen as well. Occasionally they may help, but mainly it's to pester, to snack, to support or berate each other for whatever small crisis they think each other has, and sometimes just to be close to me and family.

What do I do with these extra bodies which are not not really helping me in my endeavours in the kitchen?

Aside from keeping them clear of the stove while it is lit up… NOTHING. I seldom chase them out or banish them from the room. Which does occasionally happen. When they are a bit too rambunctious or loud, I'll oust them to the backyard, the family room, or even their own rooms.

But for the most part, I ignore them in the kitchen. Though sometimes I smile at their antics.

Why am I relating this to y'all?

You tell me.

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