Sup?read ahead for my life before I actully mined budder!!

It was a stormy night when I grabbed my diamond pick'.I headed into Herobrine's mine(he built it) and killed a zombie.My dear friend(who I never met exept on had told me all about Budder(Butter...idk which one).I finally found it!!I ran for the exit running from 600'000 creepers(no joke)when the cave actully shut on me!(FLUFFY!!!!!)I saw his user as he ran off.I mined out with 128 Budder(Butter) ores.

Six Days earlier...(I fort this would be cool)Me:*logs into heyzap**types(dear sky can you get gold?)*well that really annoyed sky so I got 12 messages in a row sayin' BUTTER NOT GOLD!!!!!!.TrueMU:want me to help you find some?Me:Yeah!(I forgot to put in that TrueMU was with me mining)

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