What is Wikia?
Wikia is a storm.
Blocks aplenty seem like the norm.
Many say "I didn't do it"
But their blockers don't care, and the accused forced to submit

What is Wikia?
Wikia is danger.
No matter where you are there's always a stranger.
Admins, moderators, staffers around.
There's almost nowhere that's safe and sound.

What is Wikia?
Wikia is pain.
Almost always there's an emotional train.
Drama, drama, let the drama ensure;
That there always will be some that are unsure.

What is Wikia?
Wikia is home.
Although I'm disliked, yet I still roam.
Through the pain, through the hate I try to keep at bay.
Cause Wikia is home. And home I will stay.

Though you all hate me, and you always will.
You are family.
Wikia is family.
Wikia is home. Forever.

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