People have been calling for admins on this wiki, and I would really like to be one, so I volunteered as tribute. However, someone asked me, I think his name was Jack or something, "Didn't you betray us, Alex?" On the old wiki, the one that got destroyed? Well the answer is, yes. I was younger and stupider at the time, and when I heard from some Sky fans that SeaNanners was the first one to call gold butter, I convinced myself a bunch of irrelevant reasons why I thought I hated Sky, and plastered them all over the old pages. Then I guess you could say I got busy, in real life, since I don't really invest as much time and energy in any other sites, it had been three months before I had gotten back to the wiki. When I finally wanted to come back and come clean, I think out of motivation by when I talked about myself in the third person becoming a Squid, and someone said "A great hero, turned traitor," I somehow found my way here. And since this is probably going to be called into question by the older folks when I volunteer as admin, I figure I could link to this blog. I am sorry for leaving the Sky Army, joining the Squid Army, and starting a war that caused enough damage to destroy the old wiki. I know that sounds bad, but it was years ago. I have been nothing but a loyal contributor since I came back here three months after the destruction of the old wiki, and before I joined the Squid Army for about a week. I hope you can weigh this heavily when considering whether or not to grant me admin rights.

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