So, I've been needing to talk about this for a while. I really like middle school. I'm in regular classes, except for a smaller homeroom that I go to last period to make sure I have all my homework and maybe start it. But there's this one teacher (no namedropping) who at first I thought was annoying, always asking me if I needed help with anything every single time I went to my locker, but now he is straight up ruining my life. He comes to art with me, which is already my least favorite subject because I suck at art and never have any idea what the teacher is talking about. Then, one day, in art, some of my friends and I were just joking around (keep in mind that one of these” friends” was the kid who started rumor that I tried to choke him last year), and then my other friend said, “At least I don’t have a teacher following me around.” And then they both started ganging up on me like “yeah you have that teacher following you around.” At first, I didn’t know that they knew, but now it’s like everything he does in front of them is just yelling that he’s like my babysitter or something. The way he talks to me is the way teachers at my school talk to severely autistic kids, who can’t think. Then, one day, while I was getting changed for gym in the locker room, he just pooped up out of nowhere and said that he'd be coming to gym with me to "make sure that I had fun.” Condescending much? But you know what the worst part is? He knows what he's doing is getting on my nerves, but he's gonna do it anyway. Once, I kept saying that no matter what I did, I couldn't get away from him, and he said that it must be hard. Today in art, when I was running back to homeroom, I heard him behind me saying "keep running Alex." So, I know that I don't have to worry about getting the message through to him. The sad part is, this relationship really sucks, because he understandshow a normal person would feel, but he just doesn't understand that I feel that way. I told my mom about this, and she just said I brought it upon myself. Well, I did, but I’ve been doing so much better this year, just like I always thought I would, so if I don’t get a chance to start over now, then he’s just gonna drive me insane again, and I never will.

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