• I live in Rochester
  • I was born on August 21
  • I am male
  • AlexPrivate

    Guess who's back

    July 7, 2015 by AlexPrivate

    Back again. Alex is back. Tell a friend.

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  • AlexPrivate

    Insanity Blog

    November 4, 2014 by AlexPrivate

    So, I've been needing to talk about this for a while. I really like middle school. I'm in regular classes, except for a smaller homeroom that I go to last period to make sure I have all my homework and maybe start it. But there's this one teacher (no namedropping) who at first I thought was annoying, always asking me if I needed help with anything every single time I went to my locker, but now he is straight up ruining my life. He comes to art with me, which is already my least favorite subject because I suck at art and never have any idea what the teacher is talking about. Then, one day, in art, some of my friends and I were just joking around (keep in mind that one of these” friends” was the kid who started rumor that I tried to choke hi…

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  • AlexPrivate


    October 23, 2014 by AlexPrivate

    Wikia keeps saying I have notifications from the Roleplay Wiki, with the message "Wikia left a new message on A Wikia Contributor's wall" but every time I click on it, it leads here:


    Anyone else having this problem?

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  • AlexPrivate

    I don't watch

    Sky's videos

    but I follow him

    on Twitter.

    I can barely

    make video pages


    I can barely

    watch videos.

    I'm almost always

    with other people

    so I don't want

    the computer

    to make noise.

    So why

    do I

    bother to

    stay here?

    The drama.

    I love

    the multiple personalities,

    the conflict.

    I am a terrible person.


    one could argue 

    that I only like it

    so I can help.

    But maybe

    I just want

    to feel

    like I'm helping.

    June 14

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  • AlexPrivate


    May 28, 2014 by AlexPrivate

    From now on, I'm going to say all of the erufu. Basically, I will translate it to English and back I'll take everything I had said that it is not the case, Google has since translated into Japanese. I'm please make sure that you know, (although full maybe not) please do not worry me. And I will stop at some point definitely.

    I can also be in erufu to "translate" the page that probably. I will not destroy, but please do not worry.

    It is fun. When I read the text in English, I feel I average. When I read the text of the Japanese, I feel smart I am. When I read the text of English, I feel stupid I am. It's a roller coaster emotional! YAY!

    All your base are belong to us.

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