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June 23, 2013
  • I live in Johto
  • My occupation is Pokemon earthbound and minecraft/sky army scout
  • I am Training my rattata
Gavin (Lvl100Weavile)
Vital statistics
Position Sky Army Scout
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


I was originally a wikia contributor called  But I decided to make a account named after my Silver character, lvl100 then added my 2nd favorite pokemon to add to my name, because lvl100typhlosion does not make sense. I asked magicalman to make me a chat mod, this was the time of me and Tal Charles helping the wiki. Now this wiki is doing pretty well I do not have to worry every 5 minutes.

More info

  • My favorite video game is pokemon silver/gold/crystal and the remakes and earthbound 0
  • My least favorite video game is any educational game with a few exceptions +1
  • My favorite youtubers are pewdiepie, skydoesminecraft, deadlox, Asfjerome, huskymudkipz, chuggaconroy, the yogscast +2 Nintendocaprisun, elementanimation, bajancanadian, captinsparklez, ihascupquake haters and pokecinema.

friendships with other users

My list (in order) the best and worst users:

Favorite people on this wiki

  • Talcharles Reason:Probably my favorite person on this wiki because he is nice to me and is a great admin.
  • Ember Princess Reason:Another great admin,she is great when it comes to editing.


  • MagicalMan Reason:A great founder but needs to be online more.
  • TigerShark Reason:Good wiki helper but I need to know him more.
  • Pastlife Reason:Two words NOT ACTIVE.
  • Zyx Reason:Friendly rivals.
  • RansomTime Reason:Banned me,but is VSTF so I trust him.


  • Wikia Contributors Reason:The jack of all trades,these guys can be good or bad.

Do not like

Zeodex Reason:Not sure if he is good or bad but I think he is mostly bad.


  • Pokestar9999 Reason:V.A.N.D.A.L

People that suck and should die

  • Mr.Sky Reason:He is a fat,foul mouthed vandal that should die

People that are unforgivable and will die alone in a cave

  • Lvl50snesal Reason: friends with Lat Selrahc,he is my evil younger brother.
  • Potatoguy/Teamspacedicks Reason:porn,vandals,always come back
  • Random hacker - Obvoius reasons.

Other stuff

+1 exeptctions are portal and organ trail.  +2 All yogscast

Pig 2

Im a pig.



Minecraft MORE BUTTER!03:38

Minecraft MORE BUTTER!

File:Earthbound Intro
File:Top 100 Pokemon The Top 10
File:My Pokemon Ranch Nintendo Wii Video - Pokemon parade

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