Budder golem fighting the squids

Butter Golem, fighting the squid.

Budder golem

A small Butter Golem.

Budder golem

Another Butter Golem.

Butter Golems are a player-made mob from the Sky Mod. They are two blocks high and made of ButterKnown to be the brethren of the fellow golems in Vanilla Minecraft, Iron Golems and Snow Golems. They bear the most resemblance to the Snow Golems with their pumpkin on top and the two butter blocks on the bottom. In-game, however, they appear as golden Iron Golems.

Butter Golems look more attractive than their brethren, are quicker than them, and hit stronger, but have less health. They can do better than Iron Golems, presumably, because of their tools. Butter Golems are faster than the other golems, and they have higher attack power. They have also recently appeared in Sky's new mod showcases. They are seen at the end of Epic Jump Map: BUTTER EDITION  


  • Their appearance is a standard Iron Golem tinted yellow.

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