The Team Crafted Mod Is a mod entirely based off of Team Crafted. Here are some of the items in this mod:

  • Katniss. A very powerful bow that is based off of Jerome and BajanCanadian's Hunger Games Series.
  • Betty. A Diamond Axe with 14+ Attack Damage, Based off of Jerome's Diamond Axe, Betty .
  • Ssundee's Shield. A shield that blocks ALL damage while holding Right-Click. It will also lower your hunger while blocking. It also does 6+ damage. Ssundee doesn't have a shield, though.
  • Butter Ink Sac. If you eat it, it gives you all Positive Potion Effects, and allows you to kill the boss Chief Squid by touching it.
  • El Boost. A rainbow stick that can boost you far when you Right-Click with this item. It is based off what BajanCanadian and Jerome do when they chase someone, they boost each other to catch that person.

Download and read more here!

Swords & Abilities

Here are the swords in the Team Crafted Mod. They all do 13+ damage, and have special abilities when Right-Clicked.

  • Sky's Sword. Can shoot out butter that explodes like a fireball.
  • Deadlox's Sword. Can spawn a PigLox. The PigLox will defend the player by shooting deadly fire arrows at hostile mobs.
  • MinecraftUniverse's Sword. Can shoot a bullet that does 25 damage and sets the target on fire.
  • Ssundee's Sword. Throws a splash potion that causes Poison, Wither x7, Slowness, Nausea, and Blindness for 20 seconds.
  • ASFJerome's Sword. Any mobs in a 9 block radius will be pushed 4 blocks in the direction you are looking in.
  • DeceptiBonk's Sword. Can shoot a bullet that is not affected by gravity. When it hits a target it will fling it into the air.
  • BajanCanadian's Sword. Can throw the sword at a target that will cause it to set on fire.
  • HuskyMudkip's Sword. Can shoot a bubble that creates a mini explosion. When fired, in the chat it will say "{username} Used Bubble!".
  • BlueMonkey's Sword. Any mob in a 9 block radius will be damaged and drop a banana.
  • WeedLion's Sword. When you hit a mob with this sword, it gives it either Slowness, Poison, Wither, Weakness, or Harm.

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