Team Crafted was a famous YouTube group that used to include several others Minecraft Youtubers. It was founded by Deadlox. Later, other YouTubers such as MinecraftUniverseSky, etc., joined Team Crafted, which caused Team Crafted to gain popularity extremely quickly. At some point in mid-2014, some of Team Crafted (Adam, Mitch, Jason, etc.) moved to L.A to live in the same house.


On March 7th 2014, both Sky and Deadlox left Team Crafted. Sky stated on his twitter that he wasn't kicked, and also stated he is still friends with Team Crafted. A day after, Huskymudkipz and Blue Monkey also left Team Crafted.


  • Team Crafted has an official YouTube channel.

Sky's reason

Sky's tweet about him leaving Team Crafted.

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