A common squid
Vital statistics
Position Squid Army Recruit.
Age Adult
Status Has died many times
Twitter None
Instagram None None None
Physical attributes

Height 1.80m
Weight 285lbs

Squid is a mob from Minecraft, which is Sky's immortal enemy.


Squids have 8 tentacles, blueish-teal skin and teeth that can be found underneath the head. They have two eyes which appear wall-eyed.

Squid Army

The Squid army is an Army that is the Enemy of the Sky Army and Sky.



Squid bomb

Squids move around in the ocean, swimming about, or fighting Sky and his army. They are a semi-sentient species, although they are very intelligent in other ways.

Squid facts

  • They are the good side and are aligned to the light side of the force, and fighting against Sky.

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