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A common squid
Vital statistics
Position Squid Army Recruit.
Age Adult
Status Has died many times
Twitter None
Instagram None None None
Physical attributes

Height 1.80m
Weight 285lbs

Squids are some of the main characters in Sky's videos . They show up in most of his mod showcases for unknown reasons.

Squids are 8-armed mobs that spawn in water. Squids are always passive towards the player, akin to the other passive mobs found on land. They can be found in water from levels greater than 45 and lower than 63, and they can spawn in any biome or difficulty.


Squids have 8 tentacles, blueish-teal skin and teeth that can be found underneath the head. They have two eyes which appear wall-eyed. Despite being called squid in-game, their body arrangement is closer to that of a real-world octopus. Uses:

When killed, each squid will drop 1-3 ink sacs, each of which can be used directly as a unit of black dye. Like any other dye, an ink sac can be crafted with or applied to various items to recolor them: wool, leather armor, hardened clay, a sheep, or a dog's collar. An ink sac in particular can also be crafted with varying proportions of bone meal to yield light gray and dark gray dyes, or with a feather and a book to produce a book and quill.

Squid Army

The Squid army is an Army that is the Enemy of the Sky Army and Sky. It is made up of various Squids and humans who despise Sky.



Squid bomb

When moving about, all squid's tentacles open and close, giving them an appearance of pushing themselves forward. Squids will hover in place and wander around one layer aimlessly. They are not attracted to light, and do not deliberately interact with the player. It will try to swim away from the player. Squid could stay alive but become immobile when beached on the land until before Minecraft's 1.4.4pre update. From that version, they suffocate in air. They can take fall damage and burn like any land mob, but, due to being aquatic they cannot drown. Squids cannot swim in lava, even if given a Fire Resistance potion. They simply pass through the lava and behave as if on land. Squids (unlike land-based mobs) can swim against a current and not get pushed by it. They some times attack boats and may sometimes slow down the boat or break it.

Squid facts

  • In Sky's video "When Squids Strike!", he Added two other Mods, named the Smart Moving Mod and The Sports Mod.
  • The Squids have four Overlords, three in Epic Jump Map: Butter Edition and one in Minecraft: WHEN SQUIDS STRIKE!. Sky forgot to kill one of the Overlords in Epic Jump Map: Butter Edition.
  • The only way to actually kill a Squid is by getting rid of their only source of power: Water. Doing that will cause the Squid to die.
  • Only Sky can hear the squids, if you go on either Ty's or Jason's videos, Sky will just be saying shut up to the squids at random times.
  • Squid are the first water mob, the second being the Guardian.
  • Hitting a squid underwater causes them to rise approximately 1/3 to 1/2 a block.
  • Squid cannot be damaged by attacking their tentacles.
  • Squid behave like some land mobs and attempt to ride a Minecart. However this is not always useful as rails and water cannot occupy the same block.
  • Squid are the first passive mob that spawn at any light level, in water, and without grass.
  • When the world is loaded, all squid are aligned with the tentacles facing east.
  • In RC2, when Squid came out of the water and were hurt, they made the new player hurt sounds.
  • Squid and Bats are the only passive animal that cannot breed; due to this, however, they will spawn like the other animals used to.
  • It is possible for a squid to receive fall damage.
  • Squid, along with Ocelots and Bats are the only passive mobs that can despawn.
  • It is possible for a squid to spawn in the fountains of Strongholds, underground lakes, wells, obsidian patches, cobblestone generators, and caves with water running through it.
  • Squids spawn more commonly when in the ocean.
  • They mostly make the player's boat kaput.
  • When sky asked the squid if he could only appear on mod showcases he said yes then no which probably means they actually can only appear on mod showcases.


The squids have more than just overlords. They have leaders, evil squidified people. About 30 to 40 percent of all Sky Army members have these along with almost all the Youtubers (all youtubers except anti-sky or pro-squid youtubers, neutral ones do have squid versions.) Some of them include:

SkythesquidRS: Sky's squid version, the longlost fifth overlord.

Team Squided: Team Crafted's squid version. Is made of: SkythesquidRS, SquidMU, Squidlox, Ssquidee, HuskySquidz, BajanSquidian, ASFSquidome, SquidBonk, WeedSquid and BlueSquid.

Former Team Squided: Kicked out. Is composed of CavemanSquid, Squidables, SetoSquid and SquidPlaysMinecraft.

Squid Army Generals: Violent, squid versions of Sky army members. Includes: Squidyball, tcsquid, pjsquid, Emsquid2006, SquidtatoNC, DylanSquidPlaysMC, EmmaSquidjay, Squidalot400, Ms_Squidy, Squidby, JustSquidzMan, Pinksquid, and AmphaSquid.

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