Squid Overlord
Vital statistics
Position Squid Army Overlord
Age unknown
Status Dead
Twitter None
Instagram None None None
Physical attributes

Height Approximately 7 blocks.
Weight Over 1 ton

The Squid Overlord is a powerful, monsterous, brute-like Squid, first appearing in When Squids Strike!


The Squid Overlord appeared in When Squids Strike!, having managed to kidnap Dawn, Sky's then fiance.

Sky, Deadlox, MinecraftUniverse and ASFJerome had ventured into the Squid Dimension through the portal Sky discovered in the Derpy Squids Mod Showcase . There, they defeated the Overlord and rescued Dawn.


  • Sky managed to kill it in one hit with the Derpy Squid Sword, meaning that the Squid Overlord's weakness, which may or may not be shared by the regular squids, is their own technology.
    • It is unknown why the squids left the sword in their base.
  • It has a health bar, similar to the Ender Dragon and the Wither, meaning the Squid Overlord serves as the boss of the Squid Dimension.

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