This is a small list consisting of most of Sky's Minecraft servers.

This server had a Creative Mode, Survival Games, Survival, Sky Blocks, PVP, and more. In this server, if you bought V.I.P, you would have been able to enter the full server. Only the Creative servers and the Survival Games server were usually full. This might be because the Sky Army recruits thought that Sky might go on said servers. The server is presumed to be shut down.

Sky's second server was almost exactly like the previous server, the only difference was that the player spawn points were different. This server was shut down.

Sky's third server has replaced all of the servers above. It is composed of mainly Minigames such as Butter Slap, Ghost Busters, Beast Run, Skyblock Wars, SkyGames (Survival Games) and much more. It is not online or active like the others.

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