Back Into The Lava Pit is the seventh episode of the original Sky Does Minecraft series. The "lava pit" to which the title refers is the one into which he fell while digging straight down in Never Dig Straight Down.

Plot (see Never Dig Straight Down)

Sky opens the video very low-key. In his newer work, he sounds full of life, in most of his old videos, he sounds dull, but here he sounds very smooth, possibly due to the intro music played just before. 

Sky goes down the mines to the lava pit, which he dubs his "death hole," and he carefully tries to go down the ladder, but comes back out to craft some tools. Sky announces that he is going back down into the lava because he heard in an AntVenom video that there are usually valuable ores like diamond or iron where there is lava. So he goes back down into the mines, digging straight down and digging a small tunnel around, haviing some heavy lava flow come in. He mines his way out to above the lava pool, and even picks up some redstone. He fills up most of the lava pit with cobblestone, and goes to mine some more. But then he jumps, placing cobblestone beneath him, until he comes out in his safe night shelter. He crafts some stone picks, and heads back down into the mines.

With everything that's happened in this episode alone, I figure it's not long until Sky can say "We Have Struck Diamond"...