Search For a Cave is the fifth episode of the original Sky Does Minecraft series.


Sky says that he got a tip from somebody to look for a cave, and to build a tower.

As Sky gathers tools and heads out for his voyage, he realizes that it is getting dark, so he heads outside to get a sheep's wool to craft a bed. After killing one sheep, he finds animals gathering outside Skyhub, and he goes inside. He tried to craft a hatchet, but did not have enough planks, so he went back outside to get more wool so he can craft a bed. When he does, he sleeps. 

As Sky walks outside and turns around, he sees a creeper on his roof aimed torwards him, so he frantically turns around and runs away, remaining unharmed by the creeper's explosion. He goes back inside to cook food. When he is finished, he comes back outside on his journey.

Aimlessly walking, Sky can hear another creeper attack from behind him. Crossing the path of another creeper, he nervously switches tools until he finds his sword. He then kills the creeper, collecting gunpowder. But he still has so little luck with finding a cave, he pauses the video until he finds one.  When he does find one, he leaps inside.

Sky begins to search the cave, but it is vastly empty. He comes back out, but by that point, it is night. He encloses himself in a small cobblestone shelter. He crafts a crafting table and a bed. He sleeps, only to shortly after begin losing hearts until he dies. He repeats "What the fuck just happened?" and "WELL...FUCK" flashes on the screen.

Maybe now, he should just start Looking For Home, home being his shelter that contains his items.

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