Never Dig Straight Down is the fourth episode of the original Sky Does Minecraft series.


This is the first episode in the series that does not appear to be recorded in a continuous string. At the end of Douchebag Roommate, Sky is left alone in his shelter with bitter darkness and evil outside his door. In the beginning of Never Dig Straight Down, however, there are many hostile mob noises from outside. As Sky advances into his mine, he says that he got a lot of comments about what he should name his "little hub," and is proud to announce that it is called Skyhub, thanking Rokotain for the name.

Knowing that spiders are not aggressive in the morning, Sky heads outside to fight the spider, and then turns to see a creeper on his roof, aimed towards him. He leads the creeper away from Skyhub, where he safely blows up. Not distracted, Sky kills the spider because it sounds scary. He then finds another creeper, racing into Skyhubto craft a shovel, but he has to go get wood. As soon as he walks outside, he is greeted with the sound of a creeper demolishing the outside of Skyhub!

While obtaining wood, Sky talks about the shovel, and says that he heard to dig down in a comment, so he asked his friends about it, but they said that it was the stupidest thing he should ever do, but he is going to take advice from his viewers, and he is going to dig down.

Most mine crafters do not dig down because of the high probability of hitting lava, but Sky digs down because of the high probability of hitting a cavern filled with useful things.

Sky rebuilds his exterior, and runs off to kill a creeper. He inadvertently leads the creeper near a newly built Skyhub, so he walks backwards and keeps swinging. There is a slight lag, and then the creeper can not be seen, implying that Sky killed it without knowing.

Sky goes inside, crafts tools, makes his way to the bottom of his mine, and starts digging. He jumps, placing blocks below him, and goes to craft ladders. After doing so, he retreats into the mine. Sky falls into a cavern...and right into lava. He respawns out in the night, on top of a tree. Zombie and skeleton noises can be heard in a rhythmic beat. In this situation, it should be an immediate plan of survival to Search For a Cave...

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