Shelter is the first episode of the original Sky Does Minecraft series.


Sky welcomes his fans to the first episode of Sky Does Minecraft, saying that he had a lot of people telling him to play Minecraft, so he bought it, and started two worlds. But he felt he need to document his adventure from the beginning, so he started the Sky Does Minecraft world for the show, which meant that he would never play off camera, or there would be gaps in his Minecraft timeline. He utters the classic phrase "Let's play!" and the legend begins.

This is ironic, because SkyDoesMinecraft was originally a joke  channel that he planned on deleting that year. However, it gained popularity, so he decided not to shut it down. He now has 6 million subscribers. Perseverance.

Sky finds himself in a desert, and wanders around, collecting cacti, taking advantage of his world situation.  He collects wood, then digs his famous "hidey-hole" into the side of a hill, complete with a crafting table in the wall. He used this to craft a door, and placed it in front of his shelter. In an effort to make his shelter deeper, he found coal and crafted torches to light the dim cave. Now the cacti he collected earlier come into play. He places three three block tall cacti in front of his shelter, as a defense mechanism against mobs. However, he lost half a heart every time he tried to enter his shelter, so he tore down the two right cacti. By the time he was finished, it was night, so he ran out to kill a spider. He quickly hurried back home because of a skeleton attack, and while battling a skeleton through his open door, a chicken wuickly ran in, and he closed the door to avoid the skeleton, trapping the chicken and saving its life. The chicken later went on to become his Douchebag Roommate...