Not to be confused with SkyDoesMinecraft.

Not to be confused with Sky.

Sky Does Minecraft was a series that inspired the name for Sky's channel, SkyDoesMinecraft. The series ran for 35 (because sky skipped a episode number) episodes before it ended, and was also the first one to introduce AntVenomDawnables and Deadlox. Sky spent most of the episodes mining in caves, while some episodes he spent adventuring. The series was on Minecraft Beta by the time it debuted.

In the tenth episode, Sky announces that his original Minecraft world was gone, so he restarted on Sky Does Minecraft 2. In the 28th episode, he burns down Skyhub 2.0 and makes a new world in Sky Does Minecraft 3. He introduces Skyhub 3.0, which he gives credit to AntVenom for helping him build.

list of Episodes

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