SkyHub 3

SkyHub 3.0 is a large building made by Sky. It was first featured in episode 29 of Sky Does Minecraft.


SkyHub 3.0 is shaped like a space station or "Hub" It was made out of wooden planks and apparently has many unused and neglected rooms. The main room Sky uses is his bedroom, along with the storeroom.


In episode 28 of Sky Does Minecraft Sky burns down SkyHub 2.0 and starts from scratch. At the end of the video Sky shows us his unfinished design for the new house. At the start of episode 29 epic music plays and Sky shows us his brand new home.


  • AntVenom apparently saves SkyHub 3.0 by preventing Sky's world from corrupting.
  • SkyHub 3.0's last appearance as of now was a video in which Sky talks about updates on things such as real life events and things.

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