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SkyDoesMinecraft (Adam)
The Butter God himself
Vital statistics
Position Sky Army Leader
Butter King
Age 20-21
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Sky (real name Adam) is the main protagonist of SkyDoesMinecraft. He has over 10,000,000 Subscribers and has more than 1,000,000,000 views. He is the second most subscribed gaming channel and the most popular Minecraft channel. His best were presumably MinecraftUniverse and Deadlox, but after he quit Team Crafted, in when a recruit asked the question sky answered Deadlox, Munching Brotato and Bashur(question link:


His Minecraft username is SkythekidRS because before Minecraft, he played RuneScape, hence the "RS". His channel started when someone suggested that Sky should try Minecraft. Later, his first episode of his Minecraft playthrough series, "Sky Does Minecraft Episode 1: Shelter" came out. He then named his channel "SkyDoesMinecraft," which became one of his famous names.

He is also famous for playthroughs of Minecraft Custom Maps or Parkour Maps with his friends, MinecraftUniverse, Deadlox, AntVenom, CavemanFilms, BajanCanadian, JeromeASF, setosorcerer and more. He has 9 million+ subscribers. He is the 24th most subscribed channel on YouTube and the second most subscribed gaming channel. He currently lives in the Washington State, USA.

Ever since the Arctic Mod Showcase, Sky has had a hatred of squids, which escalated into full-scale war starting from the Derpy Squids Mod Showcase.  Okay,


  • Only Sky can hear what the squids are saying.
  • His amulet holds untold power. Its main purpose is being there. There have been speculation that the amulet gives him parkour powers.
    • It may also give him the capacity to understand what some creatures are saying, some creatures like the squids, the butter golems and the ninja pig.
    • It also really looks like the symbol on the Pandora's box, from the mod. These boxes have great powers.
  • Sky is the creator of the Butter Golem.
  • He's the founder of the Sky Army.
  • Sky and Dawn broke up.
  • Sky was captured by the Squids twice.
    • The "Zombie-Tech" Mod
      • "The Derpy Squids" Mod. Both times, he escaped captivity.
  • In his Mod Showcases, he makes rows of chests attached to crafting tables.
  • Sky appeared in one of Lady GaGa's music video and was seen playing minecraft on the video.
  • Sky's favourite food is sushi.
  • To be an elite member of the Sky Army, you must subscribe and swear that you love butter and hate squids .
  • Did you know Sky is a great singer?
  • As of 2012, his outfit includes a blue cape. The reason for this is because Sky had attended MineCon 2012, which means the cape is an official MineCon 2012 cape.
  • He moved with Team Crafted in a house in L.A. in 2014.
  • His most popular video is New World.
  • Sky has a new girlfriend called Alesa.
  • Sky is the 2nd most subscribed YouTube gaming channel.
  • He sung "New World" at MineCon.
  • He left Team Crafted on 7th of March 2014. A day later, Deadlox followed in his footsteps.
  • He has a it is found here:
  • Some months ago, he told that he actually was adopted.
  • Sky stated on ask fm that he sees his subscribers as "brothers and sisters" to him and tries to share as much as his life with his subscribers so that they'll hopefully see him the same way.
  • His Minecraft skin resembles his Runescape character with the armour, and the amulet. The only difference are his sunglasses.

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