This is the rules page with more in-depth explanation

  • Vandals and trolls are not allowed, we don't approve of it.

Do not vandalize pages this can lead up to first a 1 week ban then a 2 week ban

  • No sockpuppeting (Making a account to evade a ban).

Basically, don't use 2 or more accounts on the wiki

  • Please try not to make pages that have nothing to do with Sky. If you want to do that, create a blog post, or do so on another Wiki.

For example, making a page about cats, yourself or any other pages unrelated to Sky. First, you will be banned. If you repeat it again, you might get a ban for 1 week

  • Absolutely no hacking.

Stealing other peoples passwords. (though this case has never really happened)

  • Swearing is enabled as long as it doesn't offend anyone. Personal attacks (or at least very offensive ones), however, are interdicted and at strike three, you will be issued a long-term block.

Do not offend anyone

  • No Inappropriate pictures

No porn. Doing this will give you a ban for more than 1 week

  • Have fun! :)

No real explanation needed here

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