His YouTube icon.


Tyler in real life.

MunchingBrotato (Real Name Tyler Christie) is a Canadian YouTuber that makes Minecraft videos, and a friend of Team Crafted. While he's not a member of Team Crafted, he can be found making many videos, mostly with Sky or Deadlox.

Alternate Personalities

  • He is known for having a different personality entirely called Janet or Auntie Janet. Janet does many things that most people would not expect an older Auntie to do. The way he talks is gruff when doing her voice, and her personality includes smoking various things, having children (whom she often abuses and beats), living in New Jersey, and having an old lady appearance with gray hair, wrinkled skin, and wearing a pink dress (or nightgown). Janet originated from a Drama AKA acting class that Tyler once took.
  • Tyler also has a lesser-known personality, who is Canadian and goes by the name of MunchingBrotato and not much is known about him, although he is seen in his video who is MunchingBrotato?. He appears with an sombrero, poncho and a lead with a donkey. He is also in the beginning of the Janet does Survival Games episode.