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Jason in real life !
TrueMU (Jason)
Vital statistics
Position Sky Army General
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
MinecraftUniverse or TrueMU (real name Jason) is one of Sky's friends, and he enjoys doing adventure maps with him.


MinecraftUniverse is a member of the Sky Army, helping Sky in any way he can. He is a member of Team Crafted. He does Minecraft Mod Showcases with his bat, Dillon, and his pig, Jeffery.
His pig in real life.
Jason's YouTube and Twitter Icon.
Johnzach23Added by Johnzach23


  • Sky calling Jason has become a running gag (eg. Jason, I'm startled).
  • His Minecraft name was originally "Dinkey," until he looked it up on the Urban Dictionary and said that it meant "a hobo jumping on his wife naked." He changed it to TrueMu, with the MU standing for "Minecraft Universe," but pronounced like "TrueMoo," so a play on the chocolate milk brand name.
  • He has a pet bat in Minecraft named Dillon. Dillon sometime's makes cameo appearance's in Jason's video's, mostly in caves or dark places.
  • He is one of the people in Team Crafted who rarely swears. But he still does whenever he is angry like everybody does.
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