Minecraft Mod Showcase (alternately known as Wanted Weekend) is a show that Sky ran in which he would "showcase" a different Minecraft mod every episode.

List of Minecraft Mod Showcases

  • Butter Mod
  • Mutant Skeleton
  • Mutant Endermen mod
  • Mutant Creeper mod
  • Mutant Zombies mod
  • Mutant Snow Golems mod
  • More Herobrine mod
  • More Notches mod
  • Slenderman mod
  • Slenderman mod (game version)
  • Pets mod
  • Dead Minecraft mod
  • More Wolves mod
  • Zombitech mod
  • Derpy Squid mod
  • Doggie Talents mod
  • Anti Plant Virus mod
  • You Are Herobrine mod
  • Weird Mobs mod
  • Skycraft mod 
  • Christmascraft mod
  • Bombs mod
  • Halo mod
  • You are the Creeper mod

Ninja Pig

Ninja Pig is a character who first appeared in Sky's video titled Minecraft Mod Showcase! Magical Fruits! In this video when Sky tried to attack him with a enchanted kiwi. The pig went under the tree and disappeared.


  • In the Mutant Skeleton mod, squid made his robot bigger, and fiercer.
  • In Anti Plant Virus mod, squid told sky that he likes sushi too.

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