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Welcome, Sky Army!


This Wiki is dedicated to the famous Minecraft YouTuber SkyDoesMinecraft, his Minecraft friends and also his series. Also see our official SkyDoesFanon Wiki here.


  • No swearing, cursing or insulting anyone in the chat (Chat Mods are responsible for this rule).
  • Vandals and trolls are not allowed, we don't approve of it. If you are a troll, you will be ignored and eventually banned.
  • No sockpuppeting, or in layman's terms, multi-accounting to avoid an already-issued block.
  • Please try not to make pages that have nothing to do with Sky. If you want to do that, create a blog post, or do so on another Wiki.
  • Absolutely no hacking.
  • Please add pages. Contribute!
  • Have fun!

Sky's latest video

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Heart of the Sky Army

Sky- He is the leader of the Sky Army, his real name is Adam. He has over nine million subscribers.

Deadlox- One of Sky's friend and a general of the Sky Army, his real name is Tyler and he has over one million subscribers.

MinecraftUniverse- Another of Sky’s friends. He is also a general of the Sky Army. His real name is Jason and he has, just like Deadlox, over a million subscribers. His original username was dingkey.


Which do you prefer the best?

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Website Medias

We use Twitter, Thumblr and Facebook to mainly just talk about whats happening. Were using our weebly page to tell you a timeline of the SDM wiki and posssibly for more purposes.

Did you know...

  • Deadlox created Team Crafted.
  • Dawn removed her YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram account (after she and Sky broke up)?
  • Sky recently reached 9,000,000 + subscribers?
  • Sky has a gaming channel as well? It is found here: SkyVSGaming Feel free to subscribe to him!
  • Adam left Team Crafted on 7th of March 2014?

How to help us

We need help in the video pages if you can do them, if not edit some other pages.Please report vandals to the admins. Here are a list of active admins:


If you don't understand a page or a message and you can speak romanian/portughiese/german, come to User:Penumbra minecraft and he will translate it to you.

Daca nu înțelegi o pagină sau un mesaj dar poți vorbi româna/portugheză/germană, vino la User:Penumbra minecraft și el îți va traduce.

Se tu nao perceberes alguma pagina ou alguma mensagem mas podes falar em romeno/portugues/alemao, vem ao User:Penumbra minecraft e ele vai traduzir-te.

When du etwas nicht verstehst und du rumaenien/portughiesich/deutch sprechen kannst, komm' zu User:Penumbra minecraft und er wird fuer dich uebersetzen.


Are you a big Sky fan or a newbie? Complete this test to find out here:

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