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This Wiki is dedicated to the famous Minecraft YouTuber SkyDoesMinecraft, his Minecraft friends and also his multiple series. 

Warning!This wiki contains spoilers and offensive language.

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Heart of the Sky Army

Sky - He is the leader of the Sky Army, his real name is Adam. He has over eleven million subscribers to his channel.

Deadlox - One of Sky's friend and a general of the Sky Army, his real name is Tyler and he has over one million subscribers.

MinecraftUniverse - Another of Sky’s friends. He is also a general of the Sky Army. His real name is Jason and he has, just like Deadlox, over a million subscribers. His original username was dingkey.


Which Team Crafted Member do you prefer the best?

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Other sites related to Sky

Sky's website media

Did you know...

  • Deadlox created Team Crafted.
  • Dawn removed her YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram account (after she and Sky broke up)?
  • Sky recently reached 10,000,000 + subscribers?
  • Sky has a gaming channel as well? It is found here: SkyVSGaming Feel free to subscribe to him!
  • Adam left Team Crafted on 7th of March 2014?

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Sky's server adress: SKGA.ME

Get your own server here (paying for it is required):

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