'Ihascupquake or Tiffany Garcia or simply Tiffy is a female and married to a Sky army recruit. She played with Sky and some of his friends in "The Herobrine!" and in The Bbc Laboratories, and said congratulations in Sky's "1,000,000 Subscribers!' . Cupquake is known for making a carnival in Minecraft, which had attractions such as a Ferris wheel and a roller coaster. She has made videos with SlyFox and MinecraftChick on the carnival map as well. She was encouraged to start uploading videos on Machinima Realm by her husband, redb15. Shes studied art in collage and got her GED in art as well. She is a very talented artist, recently drawing and painting game related characters and items on her series The Art of Gaming. On here Youtube channel 'Ihascupquake' she does gaming (minecraft and other games sometimes on her handheld devices), Baking game characters (Quake 'N' Bake), and DIY videos and is is currently living in Los Angeles, California and has two cats named Link and Navi.

Tiffy, the ihascupqake girl in real life

Real life tiffy (ihascupqake)

She got married to Red, a Machinima web designer Mario Herrera on May 18, 2012.

Ihascupqake cartoon (tiffy) 2012 deviantart

Cartoon tiffy ihascupqake

Cupquake has over one million subscribers and over four hundred million video views.

The marriage of Tiffany garcia

Ihascupqake marriage with Mario


  • She posted videos on Machinima Realm before she posted videos on her own channel.
  • She has competed on the obstacle course game show Wipeout. On her Quake 'N' Bake series where she bakes game related things. 
  • She also has a series called DIY GG (do it yourself geeky goodies), where she creates game related things and shows her fans how to make them.
  • She had her own series on Machinima Realm called The Art of Gaming, where she draws and paints game characters and items.
  • She has a dog living at her parent's house named Ruby.
  • She is 24 years old.
  • She calls her subscribers the Quakes and Quakies.
  • She is around 25.

Sorry about that top line of text. i did the best that i could.

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