Douchebag Roommate is the second and third episode of the original Sky Does Minecraft series.

Plot (see Shelter)

Part 1

The chicken makes another chicken. Sky goes outside, but the skeleton is still out there. He opens the door again, and accidentally lets the skeleton in! He has no choice but to kill it. After that, there is just darkness for a few minutes, but Sky remembers someone in the comments posting that they can't really see in the dark, so he places a torch. There is more darkness, but from the clues, we can tell that he is digging straight down. For the third time, he opens the door, then lets out a yelp and closes it. Sky goes on taking, and then screams, "Oh no, chicken! What have I done? I'm a murderer. I'm so sorry, chicken," which implies that the chicken died, and Sky was somehow responsible. By that time, the sun starts to come up. The mobs are not yet gone, though, so he crafts a large chest and puts it in his "wall." Thinking that the mobs are gone, he goes outside to find two spiders on his roof, so he runs inside, empties the majority of his inventory into his chest, and he runs outside, leaving his door open, killing a spider with his stone sword, and running off. He kills two pigs and finds a chicken. Things are going to get complicated. Mock gratefully, he exclaims "Chicken, you're alive! Oh, happy day! Where did you go, my friend?" With a swing of a sword, the chicken is deceased, and Sky says, even more unconvincingly than before, "Oh, no! How did that happen? Totally not my fault." He crosses the water, kills three pigs, starts a sentence, complains about the lag, and the video switches ahead. He leaps into the water, going after another pig, but the pig swims away. He goes, however, slaughter the pig, and goes home. He crafts a furnace to cook his pork. 

Part 2

After his pork is cooked, he crafts two stone picks. He is prepared to go exploring, but it is already getting dark, so he goes mining in his house instead. He finds coal quickly, and a lot of it. Later, in Till the End, he says "...whenever you find coal, you find it in these big clumps..."  He crafts more torches, for since he began, his gameplay was mostly darkness to us. He hears multiple mobs, so he plans on running outside with a shovel, but changes his mind and goes mining instead. A spider comes to his door, and he offers to let another chicken in, but it runs away.

So Sky may have broken a few important Minecraft rules. He may have lost his chicken roommate. But let's just hope he tries to not break this rule Never Dig Straight Down...

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