HuskyVSGaming's Icon.

HuskyVSGaming is Huskymudkipz' second channel where he plays other games instead of Minecraft.


  • His first video was a Left 4 Dead co-op game with Deadlox.


SkyVsGaming is Sky's secondary channel, which centred on video games that weren't Minecraft. He said he forgot the password to log in.


Sky's Gaming Youtube Icon.


  • The first video Sky uploaded was an episode of "Amnesia" called Amnesia-STAND UP MAN!, which he already played in his Minecraft channel.
  • Recently,he found his password and is now playing games like GTA:V.


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DeadloxVSGaming Icon.

DeadloxVSGaming is Deadlox's secondary channel where he plays other games instead of Minecraft. The icon is made by GoldSolace.


  • Deadlox was the first one in the Sky Army to make a gaming channel.
  • On June 1 2015, Deadlox said that he will continue uploading on DeadloxVSGaming

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