Dead Army Leader
Vital statistics
Position Dead Army Leader
Age 21
Status alive
Twitter None
Instagram None None None
Physical attributes

Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Deadlox or his real name Ty Ellis, is a Bronze Member of the Sky Army, which​​ means that there was a time that Deadlox wasn't a member of the Sky Army. Deadlox offhandedly revealed that only Sky can hear the squids. Ty looks a lot like Deadlox' Minecraft skin. Deadlox was captured by the Squids in Epic Jump Mad: Butter Edition! He simply took part in the map through a hologram called Hologram Deadlox.


Deadlox normally does Epic Jump Maps and minigames with Sky, and even though he sometimes bothers Sky, (Sky sometimes calls him a Squid), they're good friends. Sky (and Deadlox) sometimes abuse each other on parkour maps, one knocks the other off a platform while making a jump, and to have revenge, whoever was knocked off does the same. He and Sky both left team crafted on March 7th, 2014 for unknown reasons.

When Seto was kicked Ty voted to keep him in. This is why he did not get much hate. This also created the shipping between Seto and Deadlox known as Setolox.


Deadlox's Facebook profile pic

Deadlox icon

Deadlox's Former Youtube Icon.

The skin of deadlox minecraft from skinseed

The skin of deadlox

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