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CaptainSparklez, or also known as Jordan, is one of Sky's friends. Jordan played with Sky in "The Herobrine", "The Ender Games", and more. He also creates Minecraft parodies.His most viewed video is "Revenge". His channel is the fifth solo gaming channel to reach 1 billion views. He produces animations with the help of TryHardNinja or Egor. He also plays with Sky in Cops and Robbers.


CaptainSparklez's Minecraft skin is a person wearing a black coat, pants, and a white shirt. The skin also has small sunglasses with red lining on it and a black beard.


  • He has played with the Yogscast duo, Simon Lane and Lewis Brindley.
  • His cape is red with a creeper logo on it. (The Minecon 2012 cape)

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