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Butter Swords are the main weapon of all Sky Army members, notably SkyDoesMinecraft himself. In the Sky Mod, they have the highest enchantability, meaning enchanting a diamond sword may give you just Sharpness II, while a butter sword may give you Sharpness II, Fire Aspect I and Unbreaking I.
Budder Sword

The Butter Sword in real life.

Butter swords require two Butter Ingots and a Stick to be crafted. There is only one flaw with the butter sword, which is it has about half durability as a wooden sword, which is why most people find that if you want a top-class enchanted butter sword, it has to have the Unbreaking enchantment.


At the end of Epic Jump Map Butter Edition
Gold sword

Butter sword.

  • You can see the Butter Sword. It's design resembles the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda.
  • Butter swords have the highest enchantability out of any sword in vanilla Minecraft.
  • Butter swords are better with the Unbreaking enchantment.

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