Golden Apple
The Golden Apple
Some attributes
First A consumable Item
Second Is Craftable
Third Gives the Regeneraton 2 and Absorption effect
Other attributes
Fourth Introduced in P.E. in 0.12.1
Fifth Introduced in a secret friday update for PC

How To Craft

Butter Apples/Golden Apples are a consumable item made by putting 8 butter ingots around an apple in a crafting table. Butter Apples can also be found in stronghold and dungeon chests.


The Golden Apple, once consumed, restores 2 hunger bars and gives you 2 minutes of absorpation and 5 seconds of regeneration 2.

Enchanted Golden Apples (Gapples)

Enchanted Golden Apples are made by surrounding 8 Butter Blocks around an apple. Its effects are Absorption for 2 minutes, Regenaration 5 for 30 seconds, Fire Resistance for 5 minutes and Resistance for 5 minutes.

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