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"Your house needs more salted butter!"


Butter in Minecraft
Vital statistics
Position Valued mineral found underground
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Twitter None
Instagram None None None
Physical attributes

Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Butter or Budder is what Sky and his army call the valuable mineral, gold, in Minecraft.

A Butter Ingot.

Minecraft MORE BUTTER!03:38

Minecraft MORE BUTTER!


Sky, leader of the Sky Army, has a fascination with butter. Because of this, he gained the title "Butter King", and all of his weapons are made of the mineral. But to the Squid Army, it is thought of as probably one of the worst minerals in Minecraft, however they still use the term "butter."

Sky usually modifies his voice when he says the word 'butter," leading some fans to think it's called "budder." Sky got the idea for butter from the eighth episode of SeaNanners' Welcome to Minecraft series, Butter Shoes, where he puts gold ores into his furnace, and as he watches them smelt, he says, "They kind of look like sticks of butter." He then comments, "I grabbed two sticks of butter, put them on my feet..." and Sky has used the term "butter" ever since.


  • Combining nine Butter Ingots will create a Butter Core. It can be used to power items in certain mods.
  • Butter has the highest enchantability.
  • Placing 2 or 4 Butter Cores and a Pumpkin on top will make a Butter Golem, if you have a mod for it.
  • It gained popularity, and first appeared in the video More Butter!
  • Butter Nuggets are sometimes used as money in Adventure maps.
  • Budder, as most fans call it and spell it, is actually a concentrated form of THC. Which goes in marijuana. To clarify, it's BUTTER.
  • In-game, Butter is actually called Gold Ingots.
  • The word butter originally came from SeaNanners, who is coincidentally also named Adam.
  • .Sky made a game dedicated to butter. It's called Butter Slap, it's basically a game that is like Spleef. You can play it on
  • Butter tools mine at the highest speeds among any other tool.
  • Butter tools have the least durability of all tools.

Butter Sword

Butter Swords are the main weapon of all Sky Army members, notably SkyDoesMinecraft himself. In the Sky Mod, they have the highest enchantability, meaning enchanting a diamond sword may give you just Sharpness II, while a butter sword may give you Sharpness II, Fire Aspect I and Unbreaking I.
Budder Sword

The Butter Sword in real life.

Butter swords require two Butter Ingots and a Stick to be crafted. There is only one flaw with the butter sword, which is it has about half durability as a wooden sword, which is why most people find that if you want a top-class enchanted butter sword, it has to have the Unbreaking enchantment.


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