Bashur, the melon who's real name is Brandon, is by technicality a Bronze Member of the Sky Army, and is (also by technicality) a member of Team Crafted. Although he is not a very prominent member of Team Crafted, he is new to the Sky Army, and is considered by Sky one of his best friends. His skin is a watermelon with 3D glasses (classic) and a blue shirt. He has participated with Deadlox and Sky on Cops 'n' Robbers minigame in many cases, as well as many other minigames. Also, he has over 1,000,000 subscribers, most of them gained because of his funny voice [citation needed].



Bashur has been seen the most in Minecraft minigames with Sky, Deadlox, and the crew. As stated earlier, Bashur is considered by Sky to be one of his best friends. His YouTube name, Bashurverse, is a portmanteau of his name and Universe. Bashur also participates in Sky's new CrazyCraft survival series, often being the comic relief.


  • "The curse of the melon be upon you!"
  • "Yeah... okay..."
    • "Woah! Nevermind! It's up! Oh my God!"
  • "Do we just wait? Do we have to pee on it?"
  • "Holy freaking balls!"
  • "You got me GOLD NUGGETS?"
  • "I'm gonna steal your taco and slit it's throat!"
  • (While Sky attempts an intro) "Hey guys, I'm Bashurverse and I'm a melon!"
  • "Spank me! Do it! I'm a melon!"
  • "My rocket is burning up!"


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