AntVenom was the first of Sky's friends to be shown on the series, and it was in the episode "AntVenom is bad luck." He likes Butter apples and one of his most popular series is "Hunt for the Golden (Butter) Apple's". Antvenom, along with Sky, played Runescape before Minecraft, as Ant1venom.

Antvenom's 2011-2013 Icon.


  • His skin is his Runescape character that was translated to a Minecraft skin, which also happened with Sky.
  • He joined YouTube on October 29, 2008, before Sky.
  • He has over 2,000,000 subscribers.
  • He hates cows, much like Sky hates Squids.
  • Sky made his current skin.
  • He has an Amulet like Sky's.