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ASFJerome or simply Jerome (also known by Sky as Fluffy) is a bronze member of the Sky Army. His Minecraft Skin is a Wookie from Star Wars wearing a suit. He is mostly known for being good at PvP and Minecraft Hunger Games.


  • He plays episodes of "Minecraft-Hunger Games" with BajanCanadian, another Sky Army recruit.
  • In the Team Crafted Mod, Jerome has Betty, a diamond axe. BajanCanadian has Katniss, a very powerful bow.
  • Jerome's Axe was originally a Diamond Axe.
  • In the beginning of a Cops & Robbers episode, He called himself SkyDoesBacca, and had a Minecraft skin with Sky's Body, and his head.

Jeromes YouTube icon. Made by Deceptibonk.

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