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• 2/23/2014

Our community and the Community

For this thread upper-C "Community" means The Greater Community of SDM fans regardless of their Wiki, while lower-c "community" means us here at Sky Does Minecraft Wiki.

If our community wishes to find acceptance in the Community, the mindset here needs to be modified.

To understand what I mean, lets look at Fast Food Franchise Commercials. In specific Burger King and McDonalds, but a few others take their shots too. For the longest time, and still a bit today, BK and Wendy's would make commercials taking pot shots at McD. Among the most famous of which were the "Where's the beef?!" and "Pieces-parts!" campaigns. These commercials were slamming McDonalds products without *saying* "McDonalds". There were quite a few catchphrases spawned by them. What was McD's responses?


McDonalds ran two types of commercials.

  1. Promoting their products without mention of or comparison to any other franchise. Just their products.
  2. Public Service Announcements. Mainly targeted to children, these campaigns addressed things such as Safety at-home and out. There were not even a *hint* of their food products. Only Ronald himself as the spokesclown, occasionally the restaurant in the background, and Ronald making the "Arches" gesture with his fingers at the end. Everything else in these ads were the PSA of the day.

Between these two, which was the classier? For my money, which I spent on them, McDonalds was the classier. They were secure enough in their place in the "food chain" as to not only *not* be threatened by the competition, but to actually spend their money on commercials which mentioned *nothing* about their product beyond the sight-recognition of Ronald.

What does this mean for the Sky Does Minecraft Wiki community?

No matter what the Community thinks or says about our community, *we* need to Remain Classy.

So let that be our catchphrase and mantra from now on: Remain Classy.

Repeat it to yourself while thinking, discussing, and dealing with any other SDM Community members.

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• 2/23/2014


• 2/23/2014
Remain classy and dont vandalize pages?
• 2/23/2014

Good strategy! Really good.

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